Helping Product Creators become Digital Leaders in Asia

Asia Digital Alliance

The Asia Digital Alliance aims to support Product Creators to leverage the inherent digital innovation potential of Asia and forms a support platform for end-to-end solutions in digital transformation in the region. Building on complementary know-how and core capabilities, our alliance companies provide solutions around research, enablement and building digital business in Asia.

Preparing for Digital Transformation

The first step in building competence is to know where you stand. We can help you compare your digital readiness with other leaders in your industry with our Asia Digital Readiness Assessment.

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End-to-end Solutions

With our Alliance Partners we can provide end-to-end solutions to support Product Creators become Digital Leaders.

Your Innovation Footprint Designed
to Support Growth in Asia?

Did you know that emerging Asia will contribute 57% of global GDP growth from 2021-25? If you wish to grow, look East!

Remaining competitive in Asian markets increasingly requires the ability to innovate locally in areas such as product functionality,
business and pricing model, after sales services, and sales channels.
The Asia Digital Alliance supports European companies in defining and building their innovation capabilities in Asia.

Asian markets are maturing and the need to localize your innovation footprint in Asia is more present than ever. Will you remain competitive in Asian markets without innovation capabilities to support localization?
A balanced innovation approach that develops both centralized and regional capabilities is critical to capturing new growth opportunities. How will you balance global and local innovation capabilities?
Solutions that are ideated locally are often quicker to implement and more successful in the long term. What innovation initiatives, processes, and teams will help you to achieve growth targets in Asia?
The optimal location of a company’s innovation footprint is determined by strategic, operational, and environment factors. Where will innovation capabilities be most impactful and efficient?
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Voith Digital Ventures combines long standing automation and IT expertise with deep know-how to shape industrial digitalization in the fields of energy, oil & gas, paper, raw materials and transport & automotive.

Alibaba Cloud is China’s leading cloud computing company with a comprehensive suite of cloud computing services and AI applications.

IoT ONE is a research and advisory firm that supports clients in transforming their operations and building data-driven products and services.

MING Labs is a digital innovation and transformation company, using Design Thinking and Lean Business to launch impactful digital products and ventures.

August Leadership solves talent leadership challenges. We put clients and candidates first and focus on relationships rather than transactions.

Excubate is a German boutique consulting firm for digital transformation that helps clients develop trend-setting innovations and transform their core business.

Large Ongoing Projects

Industrial Digital Lab (2019)
Asia Digital Office
IoT ONE Academy
Smart Factory

Market Research Insights

Based on 2018 research we can share market insights on the following topics

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